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Personalised Nutrition Program

“Nothing ever tastes as good, as being healthy feels”

Balanced nutrition for your body – Eating the right foods for your body will give you a new lease on life!
The aim of your personalised nutrition program is to empower you to nourish yourself via your diet. We will work together to find foods that make you feel energetic, and motivated.

The benefits of good nutrition are many and varied and include:

  • A healthy body weight and enhanced self esteem
  • Increased libido and vitality
  • Balanced hormones, clear skin and happy mood
  • Reduced food cravings and stable blood sugar levels
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Healthy digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption
  • Enhanced physical performance and increased immunity
  • Prevention of chronic debilitating diseases

To name just a few....
When you examine all the benefits of good nutrition, you quickly realize that eating healthy and making healthy food choices results in a much better lifestyle. Anyone can start enjoying the benefits of good nutrition by changing one eating habit a week.

Small changes over time make the biggest impact to the future of your health!

What’s Involved

Initial Consultation - 1 Hour

  • Thorough assessment of your health and medical history
  • Review of your current diet including meal patterns, specific cravings, foods you love or dislike
  • Discussing your short term and long term health goals, making this plan practical to implement
  • Body measurements, including fat and muscle mass percentages. This works well as a benchmark for the improvements you will gain during your nutrition program
  • Thorough analysis of your nutrient levels, indicating specific nutrients your body needs for optimal health
  • Specific recommended testing- This can include anything from food allergy/sensitivity testing, comprehensive digestive stool analysis, gut dysbiosis testing, blood sugar testing, hormone testing or a GP referral for blood test analysis (please bring any recent blood tests along to your appointment).
Personalised Nutrition Program

Based on the initial session's assesments and the information provided by you, a personalised program will be created for you to achieve your wellness goals. This program will be ready by your second consultation

Second consultation - 1 Hour
The following week

A detailed walk-through of your completed personalised nutrition program:

  • Discussion on your current state of health and its possible short and long term implications
  • Short and long term health goals to treat the cause of the presenting symptoms
  • Your specialised diet plan including specific therapeutic foods plus 7 day diet plan with recipes all tailored to your metabolism
  • Nutricheck graph pin-pointing nutritional deficiencies and their implications to health
  • Specific lifestyle recommendations for your condition to achieve lasting results
  • Blood test analysis (or other specified testing) review
  • Key supplementation prescription
  • To treat you holistically, recommendations for further treatment if essential E.g. referral to a GP, Acupuncturist, Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Counsellor, Kinesiologist, Exercise physiologist.
Follow Up Sessions - 4 x 30 minutes

Follow up sessions involves tracking your progress, analaysing your body's response and making necessary adjustments on your treatment program.

Additional Follow Up Sessions - 30 minutes each
As necessary 

Additional follow up sessions are for those who need any further consultations upon completion of the program.

Client Testimonials
Shelby Coyne
Shelby Coyne
Bondi, NSW
01 Jun 2015
ane Simmons was the first nutritionist experience I've had, and it's been absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed her holistic appr ... more