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Graduated from one of Australia’s leading natural therapy institutions and with five years experience in the health industry, Jane Simmons is educated and equipped with the latest in nutritional medicine.

Jane has also extended her formal training with regular participation in raw and natural food cooking courses, enabling her to lend a hands-on approach to her nutritional consultations and make her advice that much easier to put into practice!

Formerly an award-winning beauty therapist, Jane now knows that beauty is much more than skin-deep and has evolved to understand that optimal health is equivocal to true inner (and outer) beauty.

Jane is sensitive to the fact that diet and lifestyle changes can be daunting and seemingly impossible to implement and as such, has set herself a professional goal to treat each client as the individual that they are, tailoring a nutritional therapy plan specific to their needs.

She ultimately aims to empower her clients to have the confidence, knowledge and self-sufficiency to nurture themselves via their diet.

Affectionately referred to as “GI Jane” by her peers and colleagues, Jane is a dynamic example of the power of healthy diet and lifestyle… yet she still has a whole bunch of fun and a (daily!) latte.

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Client Testimonials
Shelby Coyne
Shelby Coyne
Bondi, NSW
01 Jun 2015
ane Simmons was the first nutritionist experience I've had, and it's been absolutely fantastic. I really enjoyed her holistic appr ... more